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November 16, 2011

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Panel Discusses "Parent Power: Education Organization in NYC"


December 8-10, 2011
Washington, D.C.

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America for Teachers!
Schott Foundation President John H. Jackson says education policymakers should take a lesson from the 1970s slump in the U.S. manufacturing industry; sometimes the failure of the industry is not in its workers but in the system they work under. Read more>

Today's children can't wait 80 years for progress
The achievement gaps in U.S. reading and mathematics scores may be inching downward, but at the rate they are going it will take decades to close them. Though progress is good news, this improvement rate isn't enough to accomplish President Obama's 2020 goals. Read more>

Pressing school boards to erase opportunity gaps
Resource equity policies are a crucial tool that school boards should use to address the unequal distribution of resources between middle-class and high-poverty schools in their districts, says Edwin C. Darden, the Director of Education Law and Policy for Appleseed. Under-served schools are too often caught in a vicious cycle of uneven resource allocation. Read more>

AQE report shows Cuomo budget hits poor schools
The Alliance for Quality Education's new report finds that the $1.3 billion in education cuts in New York Gov. Cuomo's state budget are hitting poor school districts the hardest. The cut of $843 per pupil in poor districts amounts to a loss of $21,075 for a classroom of 25 students—more than three times the size of cuts in wealthy districts. Read more>

Opportunity Gap Tool Kit
From our Opportunity to Learn campaign, here is a primer on the opportunity gap, including an overview, talking points, key data and resources - all the tools you'll need to advocate for a fair and substantive opportunity to learn for all children. Read more>

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