Fact Sheets

Investing in the Future


To make this toolkit online resource even more accessible to advocates and policymakers across the country, we are releasing a series of fact sheets that distill the critical takeaways from the toolkit. These 2-page fact sheets offer brief overviews of strategies like instituting a millionaire’s tax or closing tax loopholes for large, profitable, multi-state corporations. 

We encourage you to take these bite-sized fact sheets with you to meet your state legislator or to hand them out at your next conference. We'll be adding more in the coming weeks.

 Overview fact sheet
Income Tax
 Income Tax fact sheet
Millionaires Tax
 Millionaire's Tax fact sheet
Itemized Deductions
 Itemized Deductions fact sheet
Capital Gains Tax
 Capital Gains Tax fact sheet
Estate Tax
 Estate Tax fact sheet
Business Tax Avoidance
 Business Tax Avoidance fact sheet
Business Tax Breaks
 Business Tax Breaks fact sheet
Sales Tax Options
 Sales Tax Options fact sheet