Excellent Teachers for Each and Every Child

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Educators, Researchers and Advocates Release
Teaching Quality Policy Road Map

TQ GuideA groundbreaking new policy guide provides state lawmakers and education advocates with a blueprint for practical changes to improve teaching quality in America — one of the most critical factors to support student success.

The guide recommends research-based policies and state models that have been highly effective in developing and sustaining talented and diverse teaching forces that prepare all students for college, career and life.

“Excellent Teachers for Each and Every Child: A Guide for State Policy” was created by seven organizations (including the OTL Campaign) representing millions of students, parents, educators and thought leaders nationwide.

The guide’s recommendations draw from substantial research on teacher effectiveness and from the practices of high-achieving nations like Finland and Singapore. The document includes valuable resources for policymakers and advocates, such as:

  • Recommended action steps to support policymaking and agenda-setting
  • Model legislation language and examples of successful state policies that improve teacher diversity, set a high entry bar for educators, establish career ladders and professional learning standards for teachers, fund a sustainable teaching force, and support evaluation models that drive meaningful professional growth
  • A summary of recommendations on recruitment, preparation, professional development, evaluation, teaching and learning conditions, funding, and ways to develop coherent and systemic policy

This guide provides comprehensive and practical tools for state, district, school and classroom decision-makers who aim to support all students to succeed.

Download the policy guide here.
Download a two-page summary of the guide here.
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