National Opportunity to Learn Network

Schott’s Opportunity to Learn Network (OTL) unites a nationwide coalition of Schott grantees and allied organizations working to secure a high quality public education for all students.

By creating a space to highlight and celebrate grassroots organizing, share success stories and provide resources, OTL strives to create real and substantial change in our public education system. OTL advocates for supports­-based education reform, one that provides all students with access to crucial resources and opportunities such as early education, wraparound supports, fair school discipline, well­-supported teachers, and equitable school funding. To support our network of advocates and organizers, OTL provides regular updates on current grantee campaigns, publishes policy guides, infographics and other resources, and hosts summits and other network building events, all of which can be found below.

The Latest from the OTL Network

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Tuesday July 21, 2015 –

Last year, parents, students, teachers, and community members in Los Angeles achieved a huge victory for the city’s public schools: they successfully pushed the LA school board to adopt the “Equity Is Justice Resolution," which will guide the distribution of new state funding to prioritize the highest-needs students and schools.

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Monday April 13, 2015 –

In February 2015, the Schott Foundation for public education released the 2015 edition of its biennial report on public education and black male students. Watch (and share!) this short animation about the report. Read the full report here.

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Thursday February 19, 2015 –

In Part 2 of the ongoing series "A Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools," filmmaker Phoebe Ferguson chronicles how the city's struggling public schools were seized by the state following Katrina and handed over to private, charter school operators. Now, in the nation's first all-charter school district, New Orleans parents and students must contend with the failures of this massive experiment in "school choice." Too many schools continue to struggle, deprived of the resources they need to give all kids the educational opportunities they deserve.

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Tuesday December 2, 2014 –

In early October 2014, parents, students, teachers and community members attended a summit hosted by the Arkansas Opportunity to Learn Campaign. Watch this great video from the event and meet the dedicated members of this statewide campaign fighting for great public schools for all Arkansas students.

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Tuesday September 30, 2014 –

Philadelphia's schools opened at the start of this school year in the midst of a funding crisis. While state lawmakers dragged their heels on a proposed cigarette tax to provide money for the city's schools, parents, students and teachers took to the streets for a week of protests to demand the full, fair funding their schools deserve. The Media Mobilizing Project captured the week of protests in this great new video.

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Thursday September 18, 2014 –

We could talk your ear off about the importance of early learning, but figured you would rather have some cute kids with GoPro cameras show you why they love preschool. They're telling stories, doing art projects, practicing counting, and learning that "when somebody's talking to someone else, you be patient."

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Friday September 12, 2014 –

In California it costs $62,300 per year to imprison someone, but just $9,100 per year to teach a child. A new video from Californians for Safety and Justice challenges us to "do the math" when it comes to expanding the criminal justice system or investing in schools.

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Monday June 23, 2014 –

"A Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools" is the first in series of short videos that reveals the real story behind the creation of the nation's first all charter school district. It details the illegal takeover and the academic failure of The Recover School District. The film, which was directed by Phoebe Ferguson and Dr. Raynard Sanders, features interviews with leaders in the New Orleans education community who were faced with the daunting task of reopening schools immediately following Hurricane Katrina.

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Friday May 30, 2014 –

This May marks the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, but nationwide many students of color are still held back by an inequitable education system. In particularly, they are dispropotionately affected by the mass school closures that are taking place in cities across the country. On a recent episode of the Melissa Harris-Perry show, Judith Browne Dianis, Co-Director of the Advancement Project, spoke about the resegregation of our nation's schools and the Title IV compliants her organization helped file to protest school closures in New Orleans, Newark and Chicago.

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Thursday April 17, 2014 –

The first video in a three-part series, "Revival From the Roots: A Tour of Philly's Neighborhood Schools" follows Jerry Jordan, President of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, and Hellen Gym, parent and education advocate, as they hear firsthand from students, parents and teachers fighting to turn around public education from the bottom up.