Our Philanthropy

Schott is a national public fund serving as a bridge between philanthropic partners and advocates to build movements to provide all students an opportunity to learn.

Our Grantees

Schott’s movement building strategy includes grants and other vital supports to campaigns led by parents, students and other advocates working to guarantee that every child has access to high quality public education.

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Our Collaboration with Philanthropic Partners

Upcoming & Recent Funders Briefings

August 18, 2020: #PoliceFreeSchools Funders Briefing, Hosted by Philanthropy New York
For decades, grassroots networks have called for the end of operating schools in communities of color like prisons. Join us for this timely funders briefing and learn how philanthropy can support education justice organizers in local campaigns to remove police from schools and dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. Register >

August 3, 2020: Meeting the Moment: Resourcing Community Organizing for Racial Justice
This funders briefing presented by Schott and Supporting Organizing Work CT explored building power in Black and Brown communities and the role of community organizing as a critical strategy for advancing racial justice and investing in long-term systems change.

Speakers included Schott President Dr. John H. Jackson and Senior Vice President Edgar Villanueva, Organizers from Hearing Youth Voices, and Jeremy Cajigas from New Haven's City Wide Youth Coalition.

The Loving Communities Response Fund for Racial Justice

The Loving Communities Response Fund for Racial Justice deploys funding and technical support to communities to ensure that the people and organizations most impacted by an extraordinary moment have the capacity and support to lead in the transformative moment. Our participatory grantmaking process moves resources to the people and communities most in need. Learn more >

Schott is a public fund with strategic grantmaking and regrants management capacity.

Schott was founded as a family foundation in 1991 and has since become a public fund. We have a solid reputation for strategic grantmaking, using funds we raise from philanthropic partners who trust our strategies to regrant funds where they’ll be most effective in achieving systemic change. Schott works closely with grantees, providing capacity-building supports, measuring progress against clear benchmarks, and providing rigorous reports to our funding partners.

Engaged leadership to encourage social justice philanthropy

Schott staff works diligently within key philanthropic spheres to elevate strategic grantmaking that lifts the voices of advocates and their allies for social change. We work with local, regional, and family foundations, corporate funders and large national foundations to maximize resources that support social justice endeavors. Schott has played a key role in developing and sustaining several local and national donor collaboratives, such as New York City’s Donors’ Education Collaborative and the Fund for Girls and Women of Color.

Convening diverse stakeholders to foster collaboration and enhance outcomes

Thinking outside the box requires connecting across silos. Schott often convenes stakeholders, including funders and advocates, youth leaders, parents, teachers, and policy makers to devise creative solutions and build commitment to work together for change.

Assisting individual donors

Schott has a broad overview of the field of social justice philanthropy and deep knowledge of the most effective organizations working to make change in their neighborhoods and throughout the country. Schott staff aid individual donors and newly emerging family foundations in making highly leveraged investments by providing advice and technical assistance.