Our Philanthropy

Schott is a national public fund serving as a bridge between philanthropic partners and advocates to build movements to provide all students an opportunity to learn.

Schott’s strong grassroots partnerships
and philanthropic allies
enable us to move resources
where they are needed most.

Loving Communities Response Fund for Racial Justice

LCRFA participatory grantmaking fund that moves funding and technical support to the people and communities leading in this extraordinary moment. We work to ensure those most impacted have the greatest capacity and support to make transformative change.

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Our Grantees

Our movement strategy includes grants and other vital supports to campaigns led primarily by parents, students and advocates of color working to guarantee that every child has access to high quality public education.

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Our Philanthropic Partners

Schott staff works diligently within key philanthropic spheres to elevate strategic grantmaking that lifts the voices of advocates and their allies for social change. We work with local, regional, and family foundations, corporate funders and large national foundations to maximize resources that support social justice endeavors.