Educational Opportunity for All: Let's Get Started.

Carlos"We need healthy food so we can focus in class."

There is a strong connection between a child's nutrition and their success in the classroom. We need to make sure that all kids, especially those in low-income families, have access to healthy food and other supports needed for an opportunity to learn. Learn more

Sally"We need to go to preschool, so we can start reading in kindergarten."

The benefits of quality early childhood education are astounding. We see better literacy rates, greater academic achievement, and even in economic terms: every dollar invested in early ed can generate a return of more than $17! If we're to close the opportunity gap, we have to start early. Learn more

Robby"We need to let teachers make school fun!"

Teaching is the single most important in-school influence on student learning.¬†Unfortunately, some policymakers and reformers push high-stakes testing and promote a "blame the teacher"¬†culture that demeans educators and distracts from real challenges, like insufficient resources in schools. It's time to free teachers from test-mania and make sure they have the tools they need to change lives, one kid a time! Learn more

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What is the Opportunity to Learn Campaign?

The National Opportunity to Learn (OTL) Campaign is a growing equity movement working to ensure that all students have the same learning conditions necessary to succeed.

The Campaign partners with local, state and national organizations, youth organizers, parents, educators, policymakers, faith, business and philanthropic leaders committed to providing students and families the academic, health, social and emotional supports and resources they need to have an opportunity to learn.

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