The View from Three Feet

The View from Three Feet

Preschool is a chance for young children to get a head start on their education. And research shows it has important, long-term benefits for kids: they'll be more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to need special education or be held back a grade. Kids who go to preschool have a higher employment rate, earn more, and are less likely to get arrested. Most importantly, kids who go to preschool tend to be happier, healthier kids.[1]

But don't take it from us. To see the real impact of preschool, try the view from three feet:

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“What if I told you not every kid gets to go to preschool?”

Not every family can afford to send their kids to private preschool, or maybe there aren't any programs available nearby. Click below to see how many children in your state attend preschool. Then, team up with the organizations listed to help make pre-k for all a reality in your state.

All data comes from the KIDS COUNT Data Center, a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.
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How we get there

70% of Americans support using federal funds to make sure high-quality preschool is available for every child.[2]

Quantity and Quality

It's not enough just to help more families access preschool. Equally important is making sure those programs are high-quality.

The National Institute for Early Education Research lists 10 benchmarks for measuring preschool quality, from class size to to teacher training to the availability of screenings and health services. Learn more about the NIEER benchmarks here.

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Moms Rising

Has preschool improved the lives of your children? Read personal stories and share your own with the community at Moms Rising!

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Only 33% of State children attend preschool.

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