Core Resources and Opportunities

The Opportunity to Learn framework is focused on ensuring that all students have access to the core resources and opportunities they need to succeed, regardless of their zip code, race or gender. To close the achievement gap, we have to close the opportunity gap that underlies it by providing all students with:

High Quality Early Education and Grade Level Reading: Universal access to high quality early education for all, including pre-K and full-day kindergarten, to build a strong foundation for later learning. This is particularly important to ensure students are reading at grade level by the third grade when they make the critical transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Equitable Funding and Resources: Fair and sufficient school funding freed from over-reliance on locally targeted property taxes, so those who face the toughest hurdles receive the greatest resources. Investments are also needed in out-of-school factors affecting students, such as supports for nutrition and health programs, public libraries, after school and summer programs, and adult remedial education.

Student-Centered Supports: Personalized plans that provide students with a complete system of wraparound supports including academic, health and social services and expanded and deeper quality learning time both in and outside the classroom.

Highly Prepared and Effective Teachers: Recruitment, training, and retention of well-prepared, well-resourced, and effective educators and school leaders, who can provide extended learning time and deeper learning approaches and are empowered to collaborate with and learn from their colleagues.

Effective School Discipline: An end to ineffective and discriminatory discipline practices including out-of-school suspensions, replaced with policies and supports that keep all students in quality education settings.

Meaningful Engagement with Parents and the Community: Parent and community engagment in determining the policies of schools and the delivery of education services to students.