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Wall Street wasn’t the only target of protest last week in New York. From Buffalo to Albany and Long Island, parents, teachers, and local residents rallied in their communities to protest the state’s $1.3 billion in school budget cuts and share stories about how are devastating this year’s budget is to children’s opportunity for a high-quality education.
 Since President Obama took office, the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Right (OCR) has significantly outperformed its Bush era counterpart,writes Nandra Kareem Nittle, a reporter on race relations. The OCR today is working harder to enforce the 1964 Civil Right Act, particularly its Title 6 provision, which prevents discrimination in programs, like public schools, that receive federal financial assistance. Whereas the OCR under Bush launched only 22 compliance reviews in its entire 8 year run, Obama's OCR has launched 30 in just 33 months.


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