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The first installment in the Schott Foundation's Grassroots Education Series is a webinar on branding, communications and social media with Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation.
Graduating high school doesn't always mean that students are ready for college. To address this fact, the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy has released a new policy brief that provides one concrete way to help prepare students: early college programming in high schools.
In a column for the Education Opportunity Network, blogger Jeff Bryant paints a stark picture of how state budget fights are decimating public schools and stripping them of the resources they need to support students and teachers.
This week over 175 civil rights and education groups signed on to a letter asking legislators to abandon the high-stakes testing of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act's most recent iteration, No Child Left Behind. Written by Jitu Brown, the National Director of the Journey for Justice Alliance, the letter joins the debate surrounding ESEA, and specifically, the debate over the role of testing and accountability in ESEA.
A new report from the Basic Education Funding Commission gives recommendations for developing a fair school funding formula in Pennsylvania, clarifying what factors must be considered in calculating students' diverse needs and highlighting the overall importance of a funding system that ensures schools can meet those needs.
In this year's state budget deal, organizers in New York defeated a proposed tax credit that would have provided up to $1 million in taxpayer subsidies to wealthy residents for donating to private schools. They also held the line on charter expansion and prevented lawmakers from increasing the charter school cap.
In a powerful op-ed, Bill Kopsky, Executive Director of the Arkansas Public Policy Panel, reflects on the shooting in Charleston, SC, the history of racism in this state, and the work yet to be done to end discrimination in communities across the nation.
Grassroots organizers in New York City have been fighting for school discipline reform for years, and their hard work paid off this week when the City Council passed next year's budget with $2.4 million in funding for restorative justice programs.
As Pennsylvania's state budget deadline looms, organizers like the PA Alliance to Reclaim our Schools (PA AROS) and a coalition of faith and community leaders are ramping up pressure for a budget that fairly funds Pennsylvania schools. PA AROS organized a statewide bus tour this past month, which stopped at 13 cities to meet with parents, students, teachers, state senators and other local leaders. The tour finished on June 29 with a rally at the capitol.
The New York City Council is considering a bill that would use public school funding to provide NY Police Department safety agents to private schools. In response, Kesi Foster, Coordinator for the Urban Youth Collaborative, wrote an op-ed arguing this bill not only hurts public schools financially, but also directly contributes to the school-to-prison pipeline.


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