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District, state and federal policies have focused primarily on efforts to raise standards, improve assessments, and evaluate teachers. While each of these issues warrants attention in the landscape of education policy, they are not effective drivers for significantly changing the learning conditions for students across the country.
As new Common Core-aligned tests roll out in the states and student scores plummet under the higher standards, it's worth pointing out how students are set up to fail by education policies that establish standards without providing the resources and opportunities students need to meet them.
If you support Wisconsin's outstanding public schools, Milwaukee is the place to be on Saturday, Sept. 21. Students, parents, active and retired educators and school administrators, clergy, civil rights groups and community leaders will be hosting the second "Public Education is A Civil Right March and Rally." Now is the time to stand up for the public schools and children in every corner of Wisconsin!
On Wednesday, August 21 a new coalition of students, parents and educators known as “Boston Truth” hosted its kickoff event at the First Parish Church in Dorchester. The group, which contains many grassroots OTL allies, is dedicated to promoting educational justice and equity at a time when Boston is facing major changes in its education landscape.
A coalition of parents, students, community members and faith leaders in Philadelphia is threatening to boycott the start of the school year if the district doesn't receive the funds it needs to safely open and staff the city's public schools.
The following is a letter to U.S. Department of Education officials from the the Coalition for Teaching Quality, a broad-based coalition of over 90 local, state and national organizations, including the OTL Campaign, requesting the DOE collect data on the distribution of highly qualified teachers and those still in training.
After the release of New York's test scores from the first Common-Core aligned state test, advocates and organizers are taking officials to task for implementing the new standards without also ensuring schools and students have the resources they need to meet those standards. The problem for many OTL allies isn't the achievement gap, it's the continually unaddressed opportunity gap that creates it.
A new complaint filed by the Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association (VAYLA),  an OTL ally, criticizes schools operating in East New Orleans for failing to meet the language needs of Asian American and Latino students and parents with limited English. The complaint is the culmination of more than two years of investigation into the educational equity and access issues for limited-English speaking communities in New Orleans.
Advocates in Florida have filed a federal civil rights complaint against the state Department of Education for setting lower achievement standards for students of color and thereby "perpetuating the prejudiced perception that African-American and Hispanic students are less capable than their white and Asian-American peers."
We need to do a better job of selling public education as an institution worth defending. In particular, here are five messages about public education we should stop using because they don't sell well. 


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