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On June 18th, the 20th anniversary of the signing of MA's Education Reform Act of 1993, three organizations hosted a panel discussion for nearly 100 attendees at the Boston Bar Association to reflect on how far the state has come and discuss the many opportunities that exist for making innovative and meaningful progress.
Months of protests by education and community organizers are unifying diverse factions across the nation in an effort to reverse education policy mandates and bolster public schools instead of punishing them and closing them down. The "Education Spring" has not gone unnoticed by people at the centers of policy, power and opinion in Washington.
In the education world, there are a lot of issues to debate, from school funding and pre-K access to school discipline and teaching quality. On June 19th, the OTL Campaign held a webinar for organizers to discuss messaging strategies for building successful, multi-issue campaigns in their states and communities. Click to watch the video!
On Tuesday, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) released a nationwide review of teacher preparation programs that seeks to discredit the country’s entire system of university-based teacher preparation programs. Let’s review the 5 key reasons why NCTQ isn’t exactly the most credible authority on the subject of teacher preparation.
After twelve years under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York City schools have become a disturbing poster child for the punitive use and abuse of high-stakes tests. Now, with Bloomberg stepping down at the end of his term, New Yorkers for Great Public Schools (NY-GPS) has released a plan to help the next mayor chart a new direction in both testing and accountability.
The Boston-area Youth Organizing Project (BYOP), an OTL ally, is hosting an end of the year celebration next week on June 27th from 5-8 PM. Come celebarte BYOP's victories and discover what this great group has been up to over the past year!
Every revolution needs a declaration. Against a backdrop of surging grassroots discontent with how the nation's K-12 public schools are currently governed, a diverse coalition of leaders from across the country have joined in support of "An Education Declaration to Rebuild America."
Nikhil Goyal, 18-year-old author of Once Size Does Not Fit All and all-around amazing young voice fighting for public education, gave a must-watch speech last weekend at the One Voice United rally in Albany, NY.
CA Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed a plan that is radical in its simplicity: allocate new funding where it is needed most and trust teachers, principals, parents and students to know what's best for their community.
Nothing good happens in Wisconsin's Capitol between bar time and breakfast. Majority members of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) proved that last Wednesday in the wee hours of the morning by passing a budget that puts devotion to political dogma ahead of the futures of our children.


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