The latest from the Schott Foundation and our allies.
A new report from the Southern Education Foundation finds that for the first time in four decades, a majority of children in 17 states, including most of the South and several Western states, are living in poverty.
Over 350 students raised their voices against harsh school discipline policies at the third annual Listening Project in Boston.
Over 60 organizations from 22 states joined the Dignity in Schools Campaign for its Fourth Annual National Week of Action. During “Push Back Against School Pushout” students, parents, teachers and advocates demanded an end to school discipline policies that push students out of school and down a pipeline to prison and low-wage jobs.
The Urban Youth Collaborative (UYC) launched its new Get Us to College Campaign this week on the steps of New York City Hall. Students, parents and several City Council Members spoke in support of proven strategies that encourage students to go to college and help them navigate the application process.
A new brief from Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families shows the importance of school facilities in a child's education and how fixing disparities can help all students succeed.
As Pennsylvania legislators returned to session on September 23rd, they were greeted at the Capitol by advocates representing 40 districts across the state holding a press conference. The event, organized by Education Voters of Pennsylvania (an OTL ally) and several other groups, focused on demanding that policymakers support the creation of an equitable school funding formula.
What do you get when more than 500 education advocates from across the country convene for a weekend of skills building and collaboration? You get a unified movement for educational justice.
The tragic death of a sixth-grade Philadelphia student illustrates the dire need to ensure that every child has access to quality health and wellness services at school.
A new report finds that while White students in NYC schools have access to an average of 11.2 Advanced Placement classes, Black and Latino students have access to just 5.4, echoing similar disparities in resources like science labs, libraries and school health services.
Mass school closures are the "shock doctrine" of the education world. But parents, students, teachers and communities are fighting back to ensure their public schools receive the investments and supports they need to succeed.


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