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While the "reform" agenda of Michelle Rhee and her StudentsFirst organization has been thoroughly debunked, a new report from New Yorkers for Great Public Schools takes a look at the ineffectiveness of StudentsFirst as an advocacy group in an education reform landscape that is increasingly disillusioned with high-stakes tests and standards-based reform.
Wisconsin is marching inexorably down a path toward two separate publicly-funded education systems for our K-12 students. One is our traditional public schools; the other is a system of private voucher schools largely funded by taxpayer dollars.
It’s time we recognize that students fall behind not because of inherent character flaws, but because our education policies for the past two decades have focused on implementing tough standards while failing to build support systems that address the societal factors that create barriers to academic success.
Standards-based reform creates an inherent system of winners and losers by raising the bar and assessing who makes the cut. Supports-based reforms provide and strategically align the needed resources so each student has the opportunity to reach that bar—and surpass it.
 A new study released by UCLA's Civil Rights Project shows that while student enrollment in Massachusetts public schools is growing ever more diverse, the schools themselves are becoming increasingly segregated along race and class lines.
In the three years since high school student Jawaan Daniels was fatally shot at a bus stop after being suspended from school for wandering the halls, advocates and organizers in Buffalo, NY, have built a movement to reform the district's discipline policies. Their hard work paid off in April when the school board approved a new student code of conduct that limits the use of out-of-school suspensions.
The National Center for Education Policy (NEPC), an OTL ally, has a new, must-read book about the change our nation needs to make from thinking about the achievement gap to trying to fix the opportunity gap that underlies it.
If you're in the D.C. area on Thurs. May 9th, we have a treat for you! There will be a free screening of "The New Public," a film by Jyllian Gunther that follows four years in the life of Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School (BCAM). In a post-screening discussion, talk with filmmaker Jyllian Guntehr; Michael Rebell from the Campaign for Educational Equity; Carlos Rojas from Youth on Board; BCAM educator Lyntonia Coston; and AFT's Sabrina Stevens.
The ultimate objective of private school voucher advocates is a statewide system of private school vouchers for all Wisconsin school children. Voucher expansion is not only bad education policy. It is bad fiscal policy as well.
Many students, including those with disabilities, English Learners, students of color, and students from low-income or rural communities are being taught by teachers with little or no training. The 93-member Coalition for Teaching Quality asks that the US DOE compile a national report on the number of students being taught by teachers-in-training who are inappropriately identified as "highly qualified teachers" under federal law.


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