Class of 2021: Win a $1,000 #PublicSchoolGrad Scholarship

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The Schott Foundation launched the Proud #PublicSchoolGrad campaign to highlight the positive outcomes from our nation’s public schools and students. 

As a member of the class of 2021 you are facing extraordinary challenges of a global pandemic, closed schools, remote learning, while likely missing the in-person graduation ceremony you and your family have been looking forward to for years.

You’re tackling these challenges—as you have overcome other hurdles throughout your school years—and the Schott Foundation celebrates your determination and your resilience.

This scholarship is our way to help one proud #PublicSchoolGrad take the next step in continuing their education.

What you’ll need to enter:

  • Information about you: (name, city, name of the school you’re graduating from, how to contact you) 
  • A photo of you holding this Proud #PublicSchoolGrad sign – or you can make your own with the same text 
  •  A few sentences describing a teacher or others in your community who helped you achieve this important milestone in your life 
  • If you’re under 18, permission from your parents 

The deadline is midnight Eastern Time on April 22, 2021.

The Schott Foundation will review all entries and pick a winner for the $1,000 scholarship and will announce the winner April 30.

Apply Today! >

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