Congratulations to Desmon Redmond, Schott's Proud #PublicSchoolGrad Scholarship Winner

Local public schools and their educators have produced America’s most brilliant artists, scientists, doctors, musicians, lawyers, presidents, and more — people from all walks of life, contributing to society in countless ways.

Given the incredible challenges and obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we're especially proud of the Class of 2020 graduates and the dedicated educators and support staff who helped millions of students successfully complete the school year.

Out of hundreds of entrants in Schott's Proud #PublicSchoolGrad scholarship contest, we're proud to announce that Desmon Redmond is the winner!

Desmon is a 2020 graduate of Murrah High School in Jackson, Mississippi and plans to attend Hinds Community College. Desmon says he was inspired by the commitment of his educators throughout high school:

"Every one of my teachers has always pushed me to strive for greatness, because they knew what I was capable of. There have been times when I thought I wouldn’t be successful in my future career, but they always kept me focused and never let me get off track from what I envision for my future."

We were impressed by all the students who entered and wish them the best in their college careers. We look forward to Desmon building a brighter future for himself and his community!

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