Addressing Disparities in America's Education System Amid Push to Reopen Schools

Schott President Dr. John H. Jackson appeared on Fox News this past weekend, arguing that the COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the inequities in America's cities far beyond the schoolhouse, and that educators, districts and states will need billions of dollars in support from the Federal government in order to re-open safely this fall.

He also discussed the new Loving Cities Index relates to this moment. "We know that parental income is the best predictor of student outcomes, and in many respects parental income is a proxy for a host of indicators," Jackson said, "access to healthcare, access to transportation, healthy foods. So we have to be able to measure the degree to which cities are able to provide these infrastructure supports, and do it in an equitable way, if we care about all students having a fair and substantive opportunity to learn."

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