Police-Free Schools: Lessons on Racial Justice from Minneapolis and the Nation

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Realizing racial justice in public education is impossible when Black and Brown students are criminalized in their own schools. Students, parents and education justice groups have long known this, and while we've seen some inspiring reforms in school discipline thanks to tireless grassroots organizing efforts, the present moment offers the chance for serious leaps forward. Minneapolis is no different, with education justice organizers calling for structural changes long before the most recent uprising.

In the wake of the police murders of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville and the popular resistance that has erupted, Minneapolis’ school district has ended its contract with the police. School districts across the country are now making similar decisions, often forced by organized residents who are fed up with unjust, racist systems.

Join us for a wide-ranging conversation and call to action. Hear from local and national grassroots leaders in the education justice movement. How and why were police placed in our schools? What new possibilities can we create when we can imagine police-free schools? How do we move funding from police to provide the academic, social, and healing-centered supports that our children require? How does this struggle connect with wider movements for racial and social justice? How can elected officials, advocates, allies, and funders be accountable to Black and Brown communities who are on the front lines of this fight?


Speakers include:

    Jonathan Stith, Alliance for Educational Justice
    Marika Pfefferkorn, Twin Cities Innovation Alliance
    Kim Ellison, Minneapolis Board of Education Chair


    Leah Austin, Schott Foundation for Public Education
    Marianna Islam, Schott Foundation for Public Education

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