Former Schott Foundation Board Member Andrew Gillum Selected by Florida Voters to be Democratic Nominee for Florida Governor

On behalf of the Schott Foundation for Public Education, I would like to take this moment to congratulate Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum for being selected as the Democratic nominee for governor of the state of Florida. The media called it an upset victory, and certainly the results defied the experts and pundits. But I’ve known Andrew Gillum for close to two decades, as a friend, staunch advocate for an opportunity to learn for all students and ultimately as a colleague as a member of the Schott Foundation Board of Directors. Defying the odds is what Andrew does. Since his first election to the Tallahassee City Commission as a student, its youngest ever member, continuing throughout his career as a public servant, he has brought indefatigable energy, deep thoughtfulness, a compelling vision and courage to every organizing endeavor. Organizing — bringing people together, encouraging them to believe in themselves and what they can achieve together. Florida’s primary voters clearly saw these qualities in Andrew when they propelled him to victory.

Andrew shares Schott’s core belief that change comes from the bottom-up. That belief is a strong light in these dark times of rancor and divisiveness—it is our guiding light to a better future.

Andrew’s focus on public education reflects a deep understanding of the issues facing Florida’s children, families, and educators. He is a proud #PublicSchoolGrad who knows the struggles of low-income communities, and we applaud his emphasis on reinvestment, equity, and opposition to the failed privatization policies of the past.

All of us at Schott are proud of what our colleague and friend has accomplished, and can’t wait to see what Andrew Gillum, Florida voters and the growing movement for public education in Florida achieve next.

Yours in the struggle,

John H. Jackson
President and CEO

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