Are you looking to deepen community engagement work and emotional support within your organization?

Our grantee partner Youth on Board is offering training and support to interested communities looking to deepen community engagement work and emotional support within organizations.  

ListeningWorks was created in response to the current political climate of hate and division in this country. Grounded in Youth on Board’s Action and Support model of 25 years, ListeningWorks trains and supports movement builders and community leaders to harness proven listening, healing-based and human-centered strategies that deepen community activism.

Youth on Board is building an intergenerational network of community leaders across the nation who are ready to confront systemic and societal challenges by centering listening and healing in their pursuit of social justice. They have already trained over 300 community leaders across the country. Through ListeningWorks Youth on Board aims to equip a critical number of organizers and leaders with the right skills and tools to counteract the polarization that is halting social progress and bring about long-lasting change.

We hope you can take advantage of this unique opportunity.  

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