Telling Our Story at 25

Resourcing Movements Philanthropy and Advocacy Partnerships to Secure the Opportunity to Learn

In 1991, the Schott Foundation was founded on the notion that the American public education system is one of the most important lifelines to secure opportunity in our nation. Through our efforts to expand access to early childhood education in Massachusetts, or increase fiscal equity in New York, or the myriad campaign activities around the country, we've remained committed to building and sustaining platforms that elevate grassroots voices demanding that all students have the access and opportunity to learn.

That commitment is the heart of our approach to philanthropy and informs the unique way we partner with movements. Throughout our history, we’ve become a one-stop shop for philanthropic partners seeking to support a holistic approach to social justice movements. We stretch our giving by being deeply embedded partners, leveraging assets across the field and making strategic investments where needed to accelerate advocacy and get results in communities.

To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we’ve just published, “Resourcing Movements: Philanthropy and Advocacy Partnerships to Secure the Opportunity to Learn.” The guide chronicles the impact that can be made when individuals with a strong philanthropic commitment collaborate with parents, students, educators, and other philanthropic partners to yield social justice outcomes.

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