Communities Take Action to #ReclaimOurSchools Across the Country on May 4

Earlier this week parents, students, and educators gathered outside their schools in upwards of 80 cities, rallying in support of a more equitable, just, and well-funded public education system.

This is the second national walk-in event organized by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools - and the movement is growing! Last week we held a webinar with AROS on the May 4 action, in which organizers Keron Blair and Nate Gunderson laid out not only the problems facing our public schools, but also the strategies and tactics communities are using to confront and solve them. You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

Thousands of people participated in the walk-ins on Tuesday, got the #ReclaimOurSchools hashtag trending, and garnered coverage in local and national press from coast to coast.

Common Dreams: Students Take Lead to Reclaim US Public Education from Corporate Assault

In February, the first national "walk-in" day attracted more than 40,000 people in 33 cities, who rallied and strategized outside school buildings before making a collective entrance.

At least 75 cities and counties were signed up to participate on Wednesday.

Students at more than 40 Boston Public Schools, for example, "walked in" on Wednesday morning—a tactic that AROS organizers describe (pdf) as "a positive action that says that these are our schools and our communities."

Boston Globe: All levels of BPS community protest budget cuts

Outside the Murphy School, Elaine Kelley, a West Roxbury mother of a fourth-grade student at the school, said she worries about program cuts.

“I grew up in the Boston public school system, and I really believe in the education that it provides,” Kelley said. “It would be a shame to have further cuts [to] the music programs, all these other extracurricular activities.”

Murphy eighth-grader Vicktor Williams-Barros told the crowd that the city and the School Department are not treating students fairly.

“Every day, we’re working, but we still get less,” the 14-year-old said. “They expect us to raise higher by giving us less money.”

Reading Eagle (PA): State funding prompts 'walk-in' at Pottstown High School

Pottstown students, teachers and school officials made a statement about the lack of state funding by staging a "walk-in" at the high school Wednesday morning.

"There are 180 schools in the state that are underfunded," said John Armato, district spokesman. "Pottstown ranks 13th most underfunded on that list. The school is underfunded by $12 million."Armato said that fair funding would mean that all schools across the state would be funded the same way.

WDRB (KY): Walk-ins continue at 60 JCPS schools on Wednesday

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