NY Organizers Defeat Harmful Tax Credit, Charter Expansion Proposals

Organizers deliver an unfurled banner of 30,000
signatures to the state capitol.

It has been a hard state budget fight for organizers in New York, but last week they managed to defeat a proposed tax credit backed by Governor Cuomo that would have provided up to $1 million in taxpayer subsidies to wealthy residents for donating to private schools. They also held the line on charter expansion and prevented lawmakers from increasing the charter school cap.

The Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) has been leading education organizers across the state in demanding fair funding for the state's inadequately and inequitably funded public schools. Both the tax credit and an increase in the number of charter schools would have further drained resources from the state's education budget. AQE visited the state capitol in June to hand-delivered over 30,000 signatures against raising the charter cap. In an impressive visual display, their banner with the signatures stretched across the building floor. 

AQE has more details on the budget deal here. And check out more great pictures from the visit to the capitol here.

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