New Fact Sheets on Raising State Revenues to Fund Schools

How States Can Raise the Revenue to Fund
the Schools Our Students Deserve

New fact sheets for advocates and policymakers!

Over a year ago, the OTL Campaign joined the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center to release an online toolkit called "Investing in the Future: Revenue Options to Give Every Child the Opportunity to Learn." The toolkit presented strategies that states can use to raise revenue to fund important investments in education, transportation and more – and do so fairly.

To make that online resource even more accessible to advocates and policymakers across the country, this month we are releasing a series of fact sheets that distill the critical takeaways from the toolkit. These 2-page fact sheets offer brief overviews of strategies like instituting a millionaire’s tax or closing tax loopholes for large, profitable, multi-state corporations.

We encourage you to take these bite-sized fact sheets with you to meet your state legislator or to hand them out at your next conference. You can even share them on Twitter and Facebook!

These new tools will give you the information you need to make a powerful call for investing in your state’s public education system. Let’s ensure all students have access to the high quality schools they deserve.

Click below to read and download the fact sheets. And don’t forget to share them with your friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to download the fact sheets!

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