Student rights? There's an app for that!

BSAC students and staff at the launch event.

The Boston Student Advisory Council released a first-of-its-kind website and phone app this week that is a great tool for empowering the city's students and ensuring the district respects their rights, particularly as they relate to school discipline.

The new app boils down the district's lengthy Student Code of Conduct into an online and mobile-friendly format that students and officials can access and understand easily. It includes information on subjects ranging from types of suspensions to cell phone policies, teacher evaluations, student government, and LGBTQ students' rights. 

The app also includes resources highlighting the role that harsh discipline policies play in the school-to-prison pipeline and showing the stats for Boston schools. Like students across the country, Boston students are overwhelmingly suspended for non-violent misbehaviors, and a disproportionate number of those suspensions fall on students of color. Boston has made progress in recent years towards reforming the district's discipline policies and was the first district in the state to adopt a Code of Conduct aligned with the state's new Chapter 222 discipline reform law. By empowering students to know and act on their rights, this new app can only help further the city's commitment to end harsh school discipline. 

Check out the full web version of the new app here.

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