The Desperate Need for Resources in St. Louis Area Schools

Brittini Gray
Brittini Gray

Brittini Gray, a community organizer with Metropolitan Congregations United, published a powerful op-ed recently in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch decrying the continued lack of resources for schools in the St. Louis area. She lays out how lack of funding and poor policy decisions have continually damaged the Normandy School District, creating a climate in which students have minimal opportunities to succeed and little incentive or encouragement to try.

Gray calls for community action like the groundswell of community support, protests, and conversation in the wake of Michael Brown's death in nearby Ferguson. As she says:

If we had been a region that cared about the education of Mike Brown as much as we cared about his death, Normandy schools would be a vibrant community center with wrap-around services for every child. Instead, in the year prior to his death, the Normandy school district was declared unaccredited and taken over by the state. Students transferred to districts all over the region in hopes of a better education. No aid was available and no one cried out.

You can read the rest of her op-ed here.

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