Students Speak Out Against High-Stakes Testing in #MoreThanATest Photo Campaign

MoreThanATest CampaignAs policymakers apply ever higher stakes to standardized tests, parents, educators, and students have been speaking out against the damage this causes to their education. In Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Student Union started a photo campaign with the hashtag #MoreThanATest to show just how and why these tests fail to measure their full potential. The photos are a powerful demonstration that these students are more than just a test, and that standardized testing fails to reflecting students' many talents and shouldn't be used to levy penalties against them or their teachers.

The Pennsylvania standardized tests, the Keystone exams, have a particularly damaging potential effect—if students don't pass the tests, they can't graduate. These high stakes could prevent students from graduating on time, delaying college and work plans. The photo campaign also speaks to some of the other punishments schools have been threatened with because of low test scores, such as school closings or reductions in funding. 

Check out some of their pictures below, and scroll through the rest of them here. If you're a Pennsylvanian student, join in by making your own sign and tagging it #MoreThanATest!


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