The Power of Student Oganizing

Photo via The Progressive

Let this be your general reminder that student organizers are pretty awesome. 

From Philly, Newark and Chicago to Denver and Portland, young people have been a passionate, leading voice in the fight for access and fairness in public education. Across the country they have walked-out of class, blocked intersections, held sit-ins at school board meetings, and picketed on behalf of their teachers. They are an inspiring reminder of the hard work and dedication it takes to push a social justice movement forward. 

So do yourself a favor and start the new year off right by reading this piece from The Progressive, which highlights the work of young organizers across the country and the many ways these students are standing up and making their voices heard. In a debate about education and the welfare of our nation’s youngest members, sometimes it’s the students themselves who make the best teachers and who can show us what it really means to speak up and demand change. 

As former Chicago high school student Israel Munoz puts it in the article: 

“Young people are given this notion that if you want to make a change you have to wait until you’re eighteen so you can be an adult and you can vote. But the reality is that someone’s age shouldn’t determine whether or not they can speak out, whether or not they want to make a change, whether or not they want to organize to make that change a reality.”  

Read the full article here. And check out the national Alliance for Education Justice to find a student organizing group near you to join or support. 

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