Stand With Philadelphia. Take a "Solidarity Selfie"!

Philadelphia's schools are under attack.
Teachers and community members need your help.

Take and share a "solidarity selfie" to show your support!

Last week, Philadelphia's state-controlled School Reform Commission (SRC) executed what can only be described as a sneak attack on teachers, and it demands a strong response from everyone who cares about teachers and their students.

Canceling the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers' contract and imposing what amounts to a huge pay cut is unfair to Philly teachers, who are already paid less and face more challenges than other teachers in the region. Without their contract, teachers lose hard-won stipulations around things like class size limits and student access to counselors, which are important to creating strong, vibrant learning environments.

Contrary to what the SRC says, there is no shared sacrifice on behalf of Philadelphia's students. Banks, corporations and mega non-profits have not been asked to step up and pay their fair share.

Funding schools out of the wallets of school workers isn't sustainable. We need a robust funding system for our schools and a fair, statewide formula for getting that money to the schools and students who need it the most.

Here's what you can do this week to show your support for Philadelphia's teachers, schools and students:

  • Join the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools for a rally outside the school district headquarters Thursday at 4:15 PM or follow the action on Twitter with hashtag #phled.
  • Take a “solidarity selfie” and share it online with with hashtag #solidaritywithteachers. Tell us why you support Philadelphia's teachers!
  • Join the Campaign for Fair Education Funding in calling for a statewide fair school funding formula in Pennsylvania.

Thanks for standing with Philadelphia's teachers and students and fighting for the schools all our children deserve!

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