Boston Students Hold Sit-in to Demand Youth Subway Passes

Whether you can get to school shouldn't depend on whether you can afford a subway pass. Students in Boston staged a protest and day-long sit-in this week arguing just that point. While dozens of students rallied outside the Massachusetts Transportation Building on Monday, 30 students from the Youth Affordabilit(T) Coalition (YAC) held a sit-in inside at the office of Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey demanding that he follow through with a promised pilot program for providing MBTA youth passes. 21students were arrested.

A normal monthly pass for the MBTA, or the "T" as it's known in Boston, is $70, which puts a heavy burden on low-income students who rely the subway to get to school, to work and to extracurricular activities. 


"Nearly one-third official youths have said unaffordable MBTA fares are a problem they face trying to get to school, according to the YAC. The youth pass would allow 12 to 21-year-olds to purchase a monthly MBTA pass for $10. They would be able to use this pass year round with no time or day restrictions."

YAC has launched a petition to build support for the youth pass – sign it here!

And check out some of the photos from YAC's accompanying online action, #YouthPass Selfies, below. Print out, sign and share your own here.

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