Philadelphia Organizers to Launch Fair Funding Campaign

Organizers in Philadelphia are gearing up to make this year's race for Pennsylvania governor all about fair school funding. On March 29, the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools (PCAPS) will launch a seven-month effort to get 25,000 registered voters to sign a pledge to vote for candidates committed to supporting public schools. 

Philadelphia's public schools were hit hard by the recession; the school system was in such dire financial straights that it almost couldn't open on time this year. On top of that, the state doesn't have a fair school funding formula, so students and schools in low-income communities are shortchanged compared to those in wealthier communities. 

This new campaign is aiming to fix that and make sure schools with the highest needs get the greatest support. Read their full list of demands here.

Part of the campaign will also focus on charter schools and the need to hold them accountable to the same standards that are set for public schools. PCAPS recently released a set of recommendations for improving the state's charter schools, which you can read here.

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