We can stop school closures. These infographics can help.

You can't improve a closed school.

In May 2013, we launched a series of infographics exposing the harmful effects of mass school closures, including the disparate impact they have on underserved students, the common myths used to justify closures, the cycle of disinvestment that mass school closures contribute to, and finally, the positive alternatives that can actually improve education systems.

We've been humbled and inspired by the many stories of our infographics being used as tools for change, showing up everywhere from student and parent activist events to school board hearings. We've bundled all four in a print-quality PDF to make using them even easier. These graphics fit together sequentially: helping advocates in identifying the problem, analyzing the causes, and proposing solutions. It will take the collective efforts of us all to build the equitable education systems each and every child deserves.

Download the PDF and print it today!

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