What's Missing from Your School? Join the Fight for Fair Funding!

What's missing from your school due to budget cuts or unfair school funding? Counselors, tutors, art classes, physical education, pre-k programs? Join OTL allies in New York State next week and add your voice to the call for fair school funding. 

The Alliance for Quality Education and Campaign for Fiscal Equity are launching a statewide tour next week to document the disastrous impact of inequitable school funding. You can check out the tour dates and locations here. You can also join the tour on Twitter with hashtag #CFETour – tweet pictures, articles and your stories of what's missing from your school. 

Our schools are supposed to be the heart of our communities, and they can do so much to support and nurture our children – but only when they're adequately funded.

In 2007 following the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit, New York State adopted a fair funding formula. Unfortunately the state has so far failed to fund schools at the mandated level, and as a result, New York State has one of the least equitable school systems in the country.

Our allies are fighting to change that. Several new lawsuits are working their way through the state court system and our grassroots partners are rallying parents, students and teachers to fight for the resources they deserve. Add your voice! 

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