Introducing Boston Truth, the City's New Education Coalition

New Education Coalition Launched in Boston!

On Wednesday, August 21 a new coalition called “Boston Truth: Students, Educators, and Families Building Power for Educational Justice” hosted its kickoff event at the Fist Parish Church in Dorchester. The group, which contains many grassroots OTL allies (full list below), is dedicated to promoting educational justice and equity at a time when Boston is facing major changes in its education landscape. This fall, the city will get a new mayor for the first time in 2 decades, as well as a new superintendent for Boston Public Schools, while simultaneously navigating the implementation of new organizational and assignment policies. 

At the kickoff event, attendees were able to connect with other organizers from across the city. Boston Truth is asking organizations to: 

  • Officially sign onto Boston Truth's campaign for equity and quality public education as a supporting organization.
  • Commit to organize and/or mobilize for events, rallies, forums and hearings to drive forward the coalition’s support for (or opposition to) legislation and initiatives.
  • Participate in social media actions to spread awareness, educate Boston communities about the public education truth, and build public will to create the schools that all students deserve.

Check out Boston Truth's website for more information. And check out more photos from the launch event on our Facebook page.

And here is a list of Boston Truth's current member organizations:

  • Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ)
  • Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC)
  • Boston Teachers’ Union (BTU)
  • Boston-area Youth Organizing Project (BYOP)
  • Citizens for Public Schools (CPS)
  • Coalition for Equal Quality Education (CEQE) (which includes the Black Educators Alliance of Eastern Mass (BEAM), The Bus Drivers Union, Work for Quality, The Fightback Network)
  • Save our Schools
  • Teacher Activist Group (TAG) Boston
  • Jobs with Justice (JWJ)
  • Youth Organizers United for the Now Generation (YOUNG) Coalition
  • American Federation of Teachers- Massachusetts (AFT-MA)

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