New Yorkers Chart New Direction in Testing and Accountability

After twelve years under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York City schools have become a disturbing poster child for the punitive use and abuse of high-stakes tests. Now, with Bloomberg stepping down at the end of his term, New Yorkers for Great Public Schools (NY-GPS) has released a plan to help the next mayor chart a new direction in both testing and accountability.

The focus of the new plan is to improve schools rather than punish them: 

"Under Mayor Bloomberg, New York City has come to exemplify a school system that over-relies on test-based accountability. We advocate redesigning the DOE's accountability system to focus on improving schools, rather than on grading, rewarding and sanctioning them."

NY-GPS's recommendations include using alternative assessments for student learning and school progress; emphasizing testing only as a diagnositc tool to create a school improvement infrastructure; and overhauling the city's single-test admissions for Gifted and Talented programs. 

Download the three-page plan here!

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