"Equal Treatment for Children in Unequal Situations Is Not Justice"

California Governor Jerry Brown has made education equity a priority this year with his budget increase for education and a proposed weighted funding formal that sends more money to low-income districts. In his State of the State address Brown made a strong case for fair funding and equitable access to opportunity (what the OTL Campaign calls supports-based reform) and criticized the high-stakes testing and accountability oversight that are hallmarks of today's standards-based reform movement.

Brown painted a picture of a dysfunctional education reform movement that is focused too much on accountability and not enough on equity or opportunity. "Performance metrics, of course, are invoked like talismans," he said, by distant bureaucrats far removed from the "real world" problems that students and teachers face daily in the classroom. Three million of CA's six million students speak a language at home other than English, and more than two million of them live in poverty. "Nothing is more determinative of our future than how we teach our children. If we fail at this, we will sow growing social chaos and inequality that no law can rectify."

The proposed weighted funding formal would go a long way towards ensuring that the students in need of more support are the ones who recieve it. "Equal treatment for children in unequal situations in not justice," he said.

Someone put that one on a button, asap. 

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