Why We Should Invest in Girls and Women

Well this about sums it up! Check out this fantastic column from Jennifer Buffett, Co-Chair and President of the NoVo Foundation, who lays out exactly why it is so vitally important that we empower and support young women and ensure they have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. 

In the column, which appeared in Forbes, Buffett writes she considers adolescent girls living in poverty to be the most "undervalued and untapped forces on the planet" and that "there is no more powerful agent for change than a person who has deep experience at the bottom of the system, and we know that girls have powerful insights and solutions."

This fact has helped guide the NoVo's philanthropic work on issues ranging from economic empowerment to ending violence against women to changing the policies and practices affecting girls in schools: 

"We also invest in changing the paradigm of education – from the prevailing performance-based models, which focus on competition – to new approaches that promote not only academics, but the social and emotional well-being of the 'whole child.' We seek to foster healthy school environments that emphasize relationships between teachers and students. Our aim is to nurture children who have the skills that allow them to achieve their dreams. NoVo’s support of CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) produced meta-analysis evidence that demonstrates how SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) programs in schools improve test scores, reduce negative behavioral issues, and help teachers teach. Those are some of the most pressing goals of education policy makers."

We couldn't have put it better ourselves! Ensuring equity and opportunity for all students means addressing the individual needs of each. Girls, so often overlooked in an education reform debate that frequently focuses on the plight of young men, deserve the same attention and investment in their futures.

Read the full article here, and learn more about the NoVo Foundation here!


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