New Documentary Featuring Youth Allies in Chicago!

You know you're doing good work when someone makes a documentary about it! So hats off to the passionate youth advocates at Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE), who are the subject of a new documentary about the persistence of racism in our nation's systems of education, health and criminal justice... and the advocates working to end it.

In addition to these grassroots voices, the documentary will also feature academics such as Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, anti-racism educator Tim Wise, and prominent school discipline scholar Russell Skiba. 

The documentary will premiere Sunday, October 21 at 7 pm on WYCC PBS Chicago (Channel 20) with a repeat on Thursday, October 25. For those of you who don't live near Chicago, don't worry, the film will be made available to watch online at after Sunday!

Click here to learn more about the film!

Watch the trailer below:

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