NAACP Fights Redlining in NYC Schools

A single standardized test is all that stands between New York City students and admission to some of the city's most elite public schools. Unfortunately, some students are left at a disadvantage in the application process, unable to afford the expensive test prep courses and private tutoring necessary to pass the exam. As a result, students of color represent a tiny (and decreasing) number of students at the specialized schools like Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech.

In a previous post, we called this effect "education redlining," because it effectively locked certain students out of educational opportunities. Now, the NAACP has joined with a number of organizations (including many OTL Campaign allies) to file a federal complaint saying the test-based admissions process is racially discriminatory because it disproportionately excludes students of color. 

You can read more about the story here.

Also check out this column from journalist Juan Gonzalez, who writes about his daughter's experience studying for the admissions test. 

In August, New York Channel 4 News investigated the low numbers of students of color at NYC's specialized high schools like Stuyvesant, coming to the same conclusion about the test-based admissions process. Watch their latest report on the NAACP complaint below: 

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