Corporate Reform Is a Box Office Flop

It seems the new union-bashing, pro-privatization Walden Media film, Won't Back Down, set a new box office record for worst opening weekend ever. We can't say we're not happy.

Many of you read our 5-point refutation of the film, "Friends Don't Let Friends Get Fooled by Won't Back Down," and we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who tweeted about it, shared it on Facebook and helped the post go viral. Judging by the box office numbers, very few people were fooled by this latest piece of corporate reform propaganda.

There were some other spectacular takedowns and analyses of the film this week, and we want to make sure you saw them! So check them out below and send any other gems you've found to!

  • On The Answer Sheet blog, Mark Philips writes that the film "provides a myopic and romanticized view of how to solve our educational problems."
  • In a scathing review for The Nation, Dana Goldstein says, "Each character in the new film... is crafted less as a believable human being than as a talking point."
  • An equally wonderful review from the New York Times sums up the film's political message as simply, "Once teachers give up job security and guaranteed benefits, learning disabilities will be cured, pencils will stop breaking and the gray skies of Pittsburgh will glow with sunshine."
  • The United Church of Christ pulled together an expansive and thorough resource page of background articles, fact pages and reviews.

But all that aside, absolutely nothing beats crashing the red carpet premiere of the film with a protest! Watch below and read more here about the real parents who won't back down!

Won't Back Down


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