Poorest City in U.S. (Reading, PA) Loses Pre-K

It's a sad day for Reading, PA, the poorest city in the U.S. As a result of cuts to the state's education budget, the city has been forced to eliminate it's pre-Kindergarten program and furlough 110 teachers in order to make ends meet. 

If ever there was a city where pre-K ought to be available, it would be Reading. 41.3 percent of Reading's 88,000 residents live in poverty, and only 63 percent of them have a high school diploma. Access to high-quality pre-K is crucial to ensuring students get a fair and substantive opportunity to learn. It's particularly important for students from low-income families who might not have access to the same early learning resources and experiences as their wealthier peers. In a city with high rates of poverty, policymakers should make sure schools can afford to continue such vital programs so that Reading's children aren't underserved simply because of where they live. 

Click here to read more about the effects of Reading's cuts. 

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