Educate NY Now! - Campaign Launch

The Alliance for Quality Education, one of the most visible groups in NY fighting for fair school funding and equitable educational opportunities, has launched a new statewide campaign. Educate NY Now!  "unites parents, educators, administrators, unions, school board members, community organizations, and education advocates around a broad-based campaign to demand that our state government fulfills New York's constitutional obligation to provide all students with a quality education." 

From AQE's press release:

"State policies have undermined educational quality in communities all across New York due to cuts in teacher and staff positions, college Advance Placement courses, career and technical education, after school programs, sports, tutoring, pre- kindergarten, kindergarten and more. This erosion of the quality of education is the result of policies enacted in Albany and has led the State’s Commissioner of Education to warn that schools face “educational insolvency.” A statewide media teleconference call held today to announce the campaign’s goals and agenda.

The campaign will enable local school communities to put a human face on how Albany’s policies are hurting schools. The campaign brings together a broad cross-section of New Yorkers to organize local press conferences and other events to educate the public and dramatize the unfolding educational crisis, meet with legislators and state leaders, and participate in unified advocacy activities in Albany."

Educate NY Now is calling on New York's elected officials to support public education rather than undermine it. The cuts to the state's education budget over the past several years, coupled with policies that exacerbate inequities in educational opportunity, have devastated New York's public schools. Policymakers need to "fulfill the moral, economic and constitutional imperative to provide every students a 'sound, basic education.'"

Click here to learn more about the campaign and to read its Statement of Principles

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