Cookies for Education: Mock Bake Sale in Protest of Education Cuts

Pop quiz:

How many cookies (price: 50 cents) would you have to sell to pay for the $171,780,572 cuts in school budgets in Southwestern Pennsylvania? 

The answer is 343,561,144 cookies, according to the PA group Tell Everyone All Cuts Hurt (TEACH), which held a mock bake sale in Shippensburg, PA, to protest cuts to the state's education budget. While no baked goods were actually sold at the event, cookies were handed out to those who signed a petition to Governor Tom Corbett opposing education cuts.

PA schools have faced drastic reductions in their budgets in recent years, forcing some to go to extreme lengths to stay open. For example, in January, teachers, bus drivers and janitors at Chester Upland School District began working for free because the district was unable to continue paying their salaries. 

The TEACH bake sale is part of the "PA Statewide Bake Sale for Public Education." You can follow the event's official blog here and check out additional photos on their Facebook page here

The mock bake sale is getting lots of media attention, which is only right considering that in the category of Most Creative Education Protest, this one take the cake... er, cookie. Check out some of the local news coverage below!

The Pittsburgh Live

Ship News Now

Roxborough Patch


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