Six Strategies for Increasing Teacher Quality

Need a primer on issues affecting teacher quality? Then check out this new report from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform. "Straight Talk on Teacher Quality" breaks down six major problems in ensuring teacher quality and provides strategies to fix them, examples of organizations and school districts already implementing solutions, and suggestions for what you can do in your own community.

For example, on the issue of encouraging professional development and retention of high quality teachers, the Annenberg Institute suggests providing more opportunities for teachers to become involved in their schools. The report highlights the Cincinnati Career Ladder program in the Cincinnati Public Schools, which, as teachers progress from apprentice level to master teacher, rewards them with more responsibility and leadership opportunities in the school. 

The report also addresses the issues of performance evaluation, support vs. sanctions for struggling teachers, school culture, in-school teacher collaboration, and community collaboration.  

You can view out the full report here, and check out additional resources here on the Annenberg Institute site.