What Kind of Society Attacks Its Teachers?

by Molly A. Hunter, Director of Education Justice, Education Law Center
What kind of society turns against its own school teachers? They are not the bankers or hedge funders. They did not cause the economy to crash.

These caring and dedicated professionals earn modest salaries and benefits, and most work hard. Let's remember, they are tasked with the crucial responsibility of shaping the nation's next generation of citizens and workers and parents. They "touch the future."

Suddenly, the richest men in the world, such as the Koch brothers, tell us that breaking teachers unions is urgent! The best way to help students is to fire teachers! Never mind that struggling schools already have high teacher turnover, or that poverty is at the root of many students' struggles.

Why? Denigrating and demoralizing our teachers seems a weird priority.

So, why? Jon Stewart humorously exposed some of the hypocrisy, available here, in a video. Diane Ravitch calls it a "moment of national insanity," here. And, Paul Krugman warns that it's a power grab that could end "government of the people, by the people." He explains here.

Finally, a new report looking at education systems around the world found that, to improve its schools, the U.S. should raise the status of the teaching profession, not lower it.

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