Cassie Schwerner

Senior Vice President of National Partnerships

Cassie Schwerner joined The Schott Foundation for Public Education in 1997. In her current role as Senior Vice President of National Partnerships, Dr. Schwerner manages Schott's national campaign partnerships and oversees the Healthy Living and Learning Communities (HLLC) initiative, as well as Schott’s development department.

Cassie serves on the steering committee of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS), a national coalition of parent, youth and community organizations and labor groups fighting for educational justice and equity in access to school resources and opportunities in communities across the country. She recently completed a six-year term on the Board of Directors of Grantmakers for Education and stewarded the Schott Foundation’s involvement as a founding member of the steering committee for Communities for Public Education Reform, a national donor collaborative that has generated more than $30 million for the field of education organizing. She recently joined the board of New York Appleseed.

Prior to joining the staff at Schott, Dr. Schwerner was a research and editorial assistant for Jonathan Kozol. She worked on his books Savage Inequalities and Amazing Grace, and on all of Kozol's other projects over a ten-year period. She remains a close advisor to Kozol and serves as a trustee of his Education Action Fund – a small foundation that distributes funds to families in New York and Massachusetts.

Additionally, Cassie has worked as a public relations consultant and has taught courses in Mass Media and Race Relations. For 10 years she was a member of the Boston College Media Research and Action Project, which assists grassroots organizations in framing their issues for the media as well as training them on how best to integrate media activities into their organizing efforts.

Cassie received a Ph.D. in Sociology from Boston College, where she specialized in social movement theory. Her dissertation, "Sing a Song of Justice," focuses on multicultural organizing. She is a proud mother of two public school students, Ezra and Vivian.