National and State Election Results Should Signal Positive Times Ahead for Public Education Advocates

Cambridge, MA, Nov. 11, 2008 - The 2008 election season ushered in many victories and opportunities for the Schott family of education advocates. In Massachusetts, The Schott Foundation congratulates all those who worked together to soundly defeat the ballot initiative known as Question 1, which sought to repeal the state income tax. Had Question 1 passed, the state's education reform agenda would have been dealt a mortal blow. Instead, the 69 percent vote against Question 1 issued a resounding mandate for the state to implement the critical education reforms and social services Massachusetts needs.

"I want to especially recognize the strategic efforts made by The Schott Foundation grantees who worked to defeat Question 1: Education Voters of Massachusetts, ACORN (Massachusetts), the Public Policy Action Center, One Massachusetts, Boston Parent Organizing Network, Stand for Children, the Coalition for Social Justice, the Boston Area Youth Organizing Project, and the Young People's Project," said Dr. John H. Jackson, President and CEO of The Schott Foundation.

The New York election results brought about a political realignment in New York State's legislative bodies.  The major "sea change" in Albany potentially creates opportunities for The Schott Foundation grantees and community advocates to intensify their work to ensure access to a high quality public education for all New York children.

"We look forward to the renewed efforts our New York grantees -- the Campaign for Fiscal Equity and the Alliance for Quality Education -- will carry out on behalf of New York school children.  Now more than ever, their strategic organizing and indefatigable dedication are needed to confront the challenging fiscal realities facing New York," said Dr. Jackson.

"Nationally, the election of Senator Barack Obama as U.S. President is an emblematic expression of Schott's representative leadership work -- from organizing communities to organizing states and nations to ensure equity and excellent outcomes for all. The significant shifts in the White House, Senate and the House of Representatives offer huge strategic opportunities for Schott and other organizations seeking a high quality public education for all children," said Dr. Jackson.

"As President-Elect Obama stated Tuesday (Nov. 4) night in Chicago, now is the time to press forward because this (his election) is not the change that we seek, but it gives us the chance to bring the change that we seek," continued Dr. Jackson.

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