Take action in fight against education budget cuts

Tina Dove, Director, OTL Campaign

In their statewide effort, “School Cuts Hurt: Week of Action,” the Alliance for Quality Education and Citizen Action of New York are calling on communities across the state to send Gov. Andrew Cuomo the unmistakable message that slashing education funding is already having a detrimental effect on children.

“Schools opened their doors with fewer teachers & staff as well as reduced (or eliminated) sports, tutoring, advanced placement courses and other important programs,” according to organizers.

Join the effort by clicking on the picture below to send a message to the governor and your local legislators that “CUTS HURT!” and to find an event closest to you! Follow the events on Twitter by following @AQE_NY.

As children across the state face the effects of these dramatic cuts, in a recent Nation article, Billy Easton, Executive Director of the Alliance for Quality Education, questioned the validity of Cuomo’s position that he is progressive on education. Easton points out that with an education budget that includes $1.3 billion in cuts and the elimination of 10,000 teacher jobs, it’s hard to distinguish Cuomo from budget-slashing conservatives.

New York students are not alone in facing devastating education cuts and being denied an opportunity to learn. A recent Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report shows that nearly half of all states have made "significant cuts" in public education—which disproportionately affect low-income communities and children of color .

We must take a stand and hold our leaders accountable for guaranteeing the fundamental civil right to a quality education.